Testo Max Review


Chances are if you’re reading this right now, you’re thinking:

“When will my workout results come?” when you’ve been working out consistently for a while now

“How to work out like a beast?” when you’re constantly tired from work or school

“Why am I not gaining mass?” when you’ve been able to lift heavier and eating bulking food

So what makes this article different?

In this article, we separate what’s real and what’s not. There’s no false claims and mumbo-jumbo. Here are two reasons why this is the article you should be reading:

First, EVERYTHING is supported by Science. We’ve done our reading up and we are here offering you our well-done research so that you can make an informed choice.

Second, we include REAL reviews from REAL people. We’re going to include both the good and bad so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you really want these benefits.

I’m going to suggest to you one product highly reviewed and highly recommended that shows actual results.

Presenting Testo-Max:

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What can Testo-Max do for me?

Testo-Max uses all natural premium ingredients that are safe and legal that gives you pure power, maximum strength and stamina, and fast recovery from workouts. This all because when used correctly it can give you extreme monster muscle gains. With more muscles, you get less tired and become twice as strong. Also, included in all its benefits, is that Testo-Max provides Enhanced sex drive and performance to its users.

Even more amazingly, Testo-Max claims that you get Rapid results in less than two weeks.

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. All benefits and quick results come from a carefully selected and blended formulation of natural well-studied ingredients. Testo-Max is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved.

What’s in Testo-Max?

Testo-Max uses ingredients that can be found in small amounts in the food we eat, and in ancient Eastern medicine. The following is a list of stuff that makes Testo-Max effective, safe to use, and, ultimately, what gives users gains in the gym and under the sheets.

Ingredients included in Testo-max:

Powerful Testo Max Ingredients

1. Essential Vitamins:

  • Vitamin D3
    • A key ingredient in included in Testo-Max. Vitamin D3 is also known as cholecalciferol-D3 and is a fat soluble vitamin that is synthesized by the body after sunlight exposure. It is known to help increase Testosterone levels of the body. Its main function as an essential vitamin is to increasing Calcium absorption leading to strong bones.
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B6
    • Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine, a water-soluble vitamin is included in Testo-Max. This ingredient directly increases your protein and muscle mass. B6 also helps regulate blood sugar levels.

2. Trace Minerals:

  • Zinc
    • Another ingredient in Testo-Max is Zinc. It associated with boosting the immune response of cells to stress and invaders like bacteria and viruses. Sperm cells are also healthier when there is adequate Zinc intake.
  • Boron
    • This is another trace mineral like Zinc that needs only a small amount in the body. When taken for at least two weeks, Boron is found to increase Testosterone by 28%.
  • Magnesium
    • Testo-Max also contains significant amounts of Magnesium from Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Citrate. Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Citrate are both good kinds of Magnesium that are easily absorbed in the body. Testosterone is reported to increase by 26% with continuous Magnesium intake.

3.Herbal Supplements:

These consists of natural superfood herbs and roots that have been used as a traditional medicine in different cultures for decades:

  • Bioperine
    • Testo-Max contains Bioperine 95% Piperine which comes from black pepper. This is the same black pepper that we use in cooking. This added substance increases potency of Testo-Max by allowing our bodies absorb the other components of Testo-Max.
  • Red Ginseng
    • Panax Ginseng Powder which is a root crop that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries is also included in Testo-Max. It has been known to make one stronger, increase endurance and sex drive. In China, Eastern medicine doctors, and herbalists still prescribe Ginseng. They even mix it in rice wine, nutritious broths, and green and black teas.
  • Nettle Leaf
    • Nettle leaf is also known as Stinging Nettle leaf. It is said to make Testosterone more absorbable in the body. When even the body’s own Testosterone is absorbed, the good effects of Testosterone are magnified.
  • Fenugreek
    • Fenugreek is a clover-like herb found in Southern Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean. It has been used as a cure for erectile dysfunction and male infertility, and to improve libido.
  • Tribulus Terrestris
    • Tribulus Terrestris is another ingredient included in Testo-Max. The entire plant including the fruit, leaf, and roots are used to cure erectile dysfunction, infertility, and to increase athletic performance.

4. Amino Acids:

  • D-Aspartic Acid is one of the main ingredients in Testo-Max. This is a compound that is related to amino acids – building blocks of protein. It has been found to directly increase Testosterone levels in users by 45%. It increases Luteinizing Hormone (LH) which directly works in the testes to produce more Testosterone. Users have said they experience increases in muscle formation and endurance.

So what do these ingredients do?

Natural testosterone boosters like Testo-Max work using mainly two mechanisms:

1) Decreasing the conversion of Testosterone to Estradiol

The form of Estrogen that is readily available and most active in the body is called Estradiol. High estrogen in men increases the incidence of erectile dysfunction. Also, increased estrogen is found to be related to decreased sperm count.

2) Increasing the number

When Testosterone is increased in the blood, there is more circulating around the body. With more Serum T around the body, more can go to target organs and thus more effects of T are felt.

Who makes Testo-Max?

About the product maker:

  • Testo-Max is produced by Crazy Bulk and they claim to deliver results within two weeks
  • Crazy Bulk has a blog that shares news and useful information on Bodybuilding, Hormones, Steroids, and Supplements which can be accessed at crazybulk.com/blog/
  • Crazy Bulk claims that Testo-Max has all natural Testosterone boosting components
  • They also have online consultations for any questions about their products
  • Free worldwide delivery

How do I use Testo-Max?

According to Crazy Bulk, the best way to do is to cycle your Testo-Max usage. There are 4 week and 8-week cycles.

A sample 4 week cycle works like this:

4 weeks of using Testo-Max – 1 week without use – 4 weeks continued use – 1 week without use

And so on and so forth. Depending, if you’re bulking, which is gaining loads of muscle, or cutting, trimming down weight and fat, will you include other supplements along with Testo-Max. Using multiple supplements at the same time is called a stack.

Here are different stacks that are made to suit your needs:

Cutting Stack

  • Focus is largely on huge amounts of fat loss and retention of lean muscle mass
  • Perfect for getting shredded in preparing for bodybuilding competitions
  • Available in 4-8 week cycles

4 Weeks Cutting Stack

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8 Weeks Cutting Stack

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Bulking Stack

  • Gives you a large amount of mass and improved strength because of increased muscle gains
  • Available in 4 and 8-week cycles

4 Weeks Bulking Stack

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Bulking Stack For 8 Week

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Ultimate Stack

  • A combination made to give you the most power and strength, and at the same time, the most shredded look
  • This stack focuses on making you strong and lean without the need to cut after
  • Also comes in 4 and 8-week cycles

Ultimate Stack for 4 Weeks

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Ultimate Stack for 8 Weeks

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The science behind the Crazy Bulk formulation of Testo-Max ingredients is sound. Furthermore, they don’t make any wild claims.

“But I’m still concerned if there are any side effects”

What are the known Side effects of Testo-Max?

The most common side effects of Testosterone Boosters is abdominal pain. If you find that you experience any abdominal pain from taking Testosterone Boosters, you may need to consult a General physician (GP) or a Gastrointestinal specialist (GI).

Your reaction to one Testosterone Booster may not be the same with your reaction to another. In fact, you may not even have a reaction to Testo-Max. In order to avoid abdominal pain, it’s best if you take Testo-Max 30 minutes before or after meals in order to avoid gastric irritation.


Even from reliable sources and manufacturers, medications and supplements can have side effects. Always let your doctor know when you start a new supplement especially if you are taking other medications.

We are always looking after your safety.

What Users of Testo Max Say:

The key points of the reviews are:

  • Users say overall experience of Testo-Max was positive with them.
  • People actually felt the effects of increased Testosterone such as increased recovery, muscle building, strength, fat burning efficiency, stamina, and even harder and quicker erections.
  • The number of time users felt, effects were varied. Some felt effects within 24 hours of taking Testo-Max while others felt it months after.
  • What was important was a consistent diet and exercise while using Testo-Max.
  • Also, all Testo-Max ingredients were natural and there were no hidden ones causing ill effects.
  • Testo-Max they said was ideal for athletes and bodybuilders but can be used by anyone needing Testosterone boosting.
  • Many others recommended Testo-Max for safety and effectivity.

Testo-Max reviews sound great, but if it’s THAT good then it must cost a lot.

Actually, Testo-Max costs less than $100 for all those benefits.

Average Price of Testo-Max:

Testo Max Offer

For 1 bottle of 120 capsules at 4 capsules/serving, Testo-Max just costs $75.99 retail, $59.99 from their official website. So for 1 month worth of benefits you pay less than $100.

Testo-Max also offers a 14-day return policy with a full refund, on the very small chance that you’re not happy with the results.

Yes, They’re THAT confident in their product.

So what are you waiting for? If you want the benefits of pure power, maximum strength and stamina, and fast recovery from workouts giving you extreme monster muscle gains, and additionally an enhanced sex drive and performance, then you HAVE to try Testo-Max. There’s no risk. If you’re unhappy, the company refunds you fully anyway.


How does TestoMax compare vs Sustanon?

TestoMax is a safe and legal Sustanon alternative. Sustanon contains Testosterone is prescribed by doctors for various reasons – hormone replacement for men with Testosterone deficiencies, and transgenders looking to gain secondary male sexual characteristics. You can use TestoMax without a doctor’s prescription. TestoMax is easier to get.

Sustanon is not legal in certain athletic events and can interfere with anti-doping laws. TestoMax containts all natural ingredients without Testosterone. TestoMax only boosts your body’s natural Testosterone production and helps you use it more efficiently, thus you can worry-free, safely and legally use TestoMax in events.

You are not allowed to take Sustanon when you are pregnant and breastfeeding and have a history of prostate cancer. Certain medications are also not supposed to be taken together with Sustanon – anti-diabetic medications, heart attack medications, and corticosteroids.  It is safe to take TestoMax while on other prescription medications.

The Bottom Line:

We’ve come to the end of this long article on Testosterone, Testosterone Boosters, and one of the better brands there – Testo-Max.. We discussed how the different natural ingredients are safe. We also talked about common concerns like side effects and pricing. All is left is for you to try Testo-Max.

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