DIY Sweater Pillow Tutorial: Cheap, Cozy Style!

ou’ve seen them in upper end decorating stores, or in display windows. Sweater pillows. They are slightly boho, cute, cozy and… EXPENSIVE!!  They usually start at about $30. I have been decorating a new guest room that will be used by my teenaged niece for a while, and the budget is low. I really loved those sweater pillows though, and decided to make one out of an old sweater. All you need is an old sweater in good shape, some scissors, a pillow form, and a sewing machine.

Lay your sweater flat on the ground. Place the pillow form on top.

Cut off the arms of the sweater, and the neck and bottom as necessary to make a square the size of your pillow form.

Turn the sweater inside out and sew up the sides that are not already sewn.

Unbutton the sweater and put the pillow in the pillow case.

Adjust buttons as necessary.  I added a bit of Velcro in between two of the button holes to keep the sweater from having that “bulging button hole” look but you may not have to.

It is that easy! Now you have your own cozy sweater pillow, buttons, pockets and all, for a great accent piece.

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