DIY Sweater Boots for $15 or less. Move over UGGS!

You don’t have to spend over $200 on a pair of UGGs sweater boots.  Make some yourself for less than $15!  Add some of your own personal style at the same time.  And they are much more eco-friendly… you are reusing old clothes!

I have never been a big fan of the bulky UGGS so this version is a sleeker, more personalized variation.  When I saw some girls wearing sweater boots a while back I eyed them up with my usual DIY eyeball… “I can make that…” I thought to myself.  And so I did.

$6 Shoe glue.
$4 Second-hand sweater
$4 Second-hand shoes
Buttons from your button collection or W.H.Y.


  1. Find some shoes at a thrift store that fit well and are comfortable.  Who cares what they look like! Remove insole for later use.
  2. Using a sharp knife, cut upper off the sole, as closely as you can.
  3. Cut sleeves off old sweater, just above the shoulder.
  4. Cut edging of sweater off sweater to create an edging for your boots. Set aside.
  5. Fit the sweater over your foot and pull up as high as you like on your leg.
  6. Insert upper of shoe into the sleeve and adjust to where you want it.   Carefully put shoe glue between upper and sweater sleeve so the upper is in place.  It helps to do this while it is on your foot!
  7. Pull the sweater tight over the bottom of you foot and pin closed.  Stitch and trim excess so it isn’t lumpy when you step on it.
  8. Apply shoe glue to the sole of the shoe.  Place the sole on the sweater/upper and stand on it until it is dry enough to stay in place.
  9. Carefully squeeze glue into the edge of the sole/sweater and insert your sweater edging to make an edging for your boot, starting at the back of your boot going around to the front, and ending at the back of your boot.
  10. You can add a flap to the top of your boot by cutting and finishing the edge of the sweater and sewing it to the top of the boot.
  11. Insert insole.
  12. Add buttons, embroidery or lightweight buckles to add your own personal touch!
  13. Repeat with second boot and enjoy!


  •  Your finished boot will require some attention when putting it on since there is a hidden upper inside the boot.  Put it on carefully!  If you are really creative, you could make a liner for the boot.
  • It helps to wear the boot while you are making it.  Except the sewing part…
  • To make the UGG-like boots with a stiff upper, find a pair of second-hand imitation UGGS, remove the sole, pull the sweater over the whole boot, fold it inside, and glue it down.  Glue the sole back on.
  • Use caution when using shoe glue.  It is toxic.  Use glue in a well-ventilated area.  Use gloves to protect your hands.