Kick Osteoporosis in the Butt: Non-Dairy Calcium-Rich Food

Milk is for calves, not people.  I’ve heard this often and until recently have always shoved it to the back corner of my brain.  I am a female in my mid 30s, have nursed 3 children, and could potentially be well on my way to osteoporosis.  Now is as good a time as any to start including more calcium-rich food in my […]

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Going Green is about giving (and it’s not what you think)

You might be surprised by the actual meaning of my post.  Sure, you are giving back to the environment and to the future generations by going green, but what I mean here, is that by switching to all natural products, you are giving up “perfection” as you may have seen it, and accepting a natural alternative.  […]

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Organic vs. Local Produce

I was thrilled, a few weeks back, to find organic grapes back on the shelf.  Most produce suppliers don’t stock organic grapes year-round because the price is too high.  Finally, the price has dropped and for a little while now we will have organic grapes.  I don’t even bother buying non-organic grapes since the pesticide usage […]

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Garden Experimenting: Mulching With Hay

I have a problem garden.  Weeds.  For years now I have been battling several different kinds of weeds in my vegetable garden.  They grow as tall as me if I let them (and I have) and they have little berries and flowers on them if they are left to go to seed (which I also […]

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Can You Peel Off The Pesticides?

I have been buying organic food for several years now, but only until recently I still believed that you could, for the most part anyway, “peel off” the pesticides.  I often bought grapefruit, oranges, and avocados that weren’t organic because I figured that since you peeled them you were removing most of the pesticides.  That’s […]

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Green Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1.  Wallets are a pretty standard, safe gifts for dads.  Bet he hasn’t got a wallet made in the USA from recycled innertubes!  Eco-Handbags is a Canadian online store offering eco-friendly, designer handbags and more.  This best-selling bi-fold wallet comes with 4 card pockets, a bill holder and funky, circular cut-outs.  This is a classic but eco-friendly gift […]

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