Homemade Blueberry Fruit Leather

Last week I acquired 140lb of blueberries. 140lb!!! Now what does a person do with 140lb of blueberries?! After giving away 50 or so pounds to friends and family, I decided to make blueberry syrup for Christmas gifts.  (Watch out near and dear ones… better start making pancakes!).  My dear sister and wonderful husband stayed up late with me […]

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Your vinegar may be made from petroleum products

The other day I was interested in finding out how vinegar is made.  Distilled white vinegar, to be precise.  I use it for cleaning, pickling, and cooking.  I usually buy a large, plastic container of it and since I am trying to avoid the use of plastic when food is involved, I wondered if I could make it […]

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Wild salmon is green: Why you should NOT eat farmed salmon.

My husband is a 4th generation commercial fisherman.  My 8 year old son is half-way to being a 5th generation commercial fisherman.  They fish wild salmon off the coast of BC Canada.  We have been through the ups and downs of good and bad seasons.  We have been through the best ever Fraser River salmon run […]

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Raising Our Kids TV-Free

Go ahead, roll your eyes.  Say what you like.  But we are raising our kids without a TV. The following statistics are from Norman Herr, Professor of Science Education, California State University, Northridge.  Did you know that greater than 99% of Americans have a TV in their house?  That 66% of Americans have 3 or more […]

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August: A Garden of Splendor and Promise.

August is a busy, productive month.  Harvesting the fruit and vegetables is in full swing.  Take a moment to stop and absorb the beauty of it all.  I spent a few minutes today taking some pictures of the garden.  Sit back and enjoy the view!             The flowers in August are simply stunning.  Most of […]

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And then there is wild blackberry home-made ice cream.

The quietest time in the house is not nap time.  It’s not when the kids aren’t home.  It’s when we are all eating ice cream.  My usually chatterbox kids are absolutely silent, except for the lip-smacking sounds of ice cream being enjoyed.  Thoroughly.  A few years back we were terribly disappointed when the “all natural” […]

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Fresh Summer Fruit Smoothies

Our lazy summer has meant less trips to the grocery store, and more meals of garden vegetables and fresh-picked fruit.  Muscle-In-The-Arm (AKA my husband) is a commercial fisherman and has been out most of the summer fishing.  So without a serious schedule this summer the kids and I have been enjoying impromptu meals and snacks, usually filled with whatever […]

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Homemade Dill Pickles

My pickling cucumber plants didn’t take off this year due to an unseasonably cool, damp spring and summer.  I may get a few off of them in the next few weeks and I will preserve them as they come, but they won’t give me as many as I was hoping for.  I picked up 10lb […]

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We Live In A Paper Cup World

One little thing, the disposable coffee cup.  58 billion coffee cups are thrown away in the USA annually.  That’s 58000000000 cups.  20 million trees were cut down to make those cups.  12 billion gallons of water were used.  What for?  Convenience.  We don’t need disposable coffee cups.  We use them because they are convenient.  How […]

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Dr Suess Wouldn’t Shop At Walmart

A brand new Walmart Super Centre opened in our area the other day.  We walked around it to see what it was like.  Where else can you buy your broccoli, your fishing gear, your lingerie, and your shampoo all in the same store?  And prices?  Unbelieveable!  You can buy an oscillating fan for $18.88!  Twenty […]

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