Off The Shelf: Homemade Alternatives to the Condiments and Snacks you Love.

Coming to you from some of the top real-food bloggers on the web! Off The Shelf is a brand new e-book loaded with easy to make recipes for condiments, toppings and snacks you love. Included is my own Asian Plum Sauce recipe!  Save your health and your money by making your own!

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Easy Aioli

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Note: You do not need an e-reader to download this e-book!  Save it and access it on your computer.

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Off The Shelf Contributors:

Christy of Completely Nourished, Colleen of Five Little Homesteaders, Joelle of jarOhoney, Karon of Larder Love, Kris of Attainable Sustainable, Leona of My Healthy Green Family, Libby of…more, Melanie of Frugal Kiwi, Pam of Brown Thumb Mama, Susan of Learning and Yearning, Tracy of Oh, The Things We’ll Make!, Vanessa of They Call Me Oystergirl, and Vivian of The Real Food Guide.


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  1. I always had an intrest in making any thing with out the chemicals in items today. Now with health proplems of mine, and my granddaugter. I’ve try to live healther. The best thing is my Son (who loves to cook) will cook more form scratch, to keep us healthy

  2. I placed my order for this book today and I don't know if it went through. Do I get this book in the mail?

  3. I order this book and don’t know how I will receive this book. My computer froze up right after I order it. Please help.
    Thank you Teresa

  4. I would love to purchase a hard copy of your book. Any plans to publish?

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