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34 comments on “DIY Recipes

  1. stephanie on said:

    I LOVE the way my hair feels from using the baking soda and water mixture. Thank you!!

  2. Do you have a recipe for a good Liquid Hand Dish Detergent. I have recently been looking for recipes and most seem to be around the same and it just doesn’t seem to work. It leaves a milky film on the dishes and the sink is covered with a greasy film afterwards. Thanks for your time. Renee

    • Hi Renee, I don’t at this time. I have tried a few recipes but haven’t found anything that worked well. I’ll be sure to post it if I do come up with something! In the mean time, all I use is undiluted castile soap. I use the dishwasher for most things though. Let me know if you find anything that you like!

      • Bunni Vaughan Healy on said:

        Hi, I’m a soapmaker too and I have a good dish soap that I also use for laundry, in other household cleaners, for cleaning paint brushes, dogs AND my hair and skin (I make other “girlier” soaps but this is my favorite for everything): It’s 100% coconut oil liquid soap with only beta carotene added to the coconut oil (you can thank the popcorn industry for that. I buy it from them in 35 pound buckets). I add sweet orange oil and tea tree oil. I sell it as Orange Sunshine. This is the cleaningest soap ever!!

  3. spnishangel3 on said:

    I have been doing this since last Thursday but my hair still feels gunky or like it has a heavy residue or film. I am using Bragg Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, should I be using just plain vinegar? Any suggestions?

    • 2 things, try cutting back on how much baking soda you are using. And just to clarify, you are using 1 tbsp. in a cup of water? Second, make sure you are putting the ACV on the ends of your hair, not the roots. And rinse really REALLy well. Good luck!

    • Lilly of the East on said:

      Even though I found this blog five months after your request – maybe my answer is useful anyway…

      If you used to wash your hair with conventional shampoo, it will take at least two weeks, maybe more, until all the chemicals and plastics will be totally washed out of your hair. So don’t give up and you will finally get back your natural hair.

  4. Marilyn on said:

    Hello, I just found your website and I love it! I’m getting ready to use the dishwasher detergent you posted… can’t wait to try it! I was wondering if you had a recipe for the Citric Acid?

  5. hello! I just wanted to let you know that there is something wrong with the Lip Balm link. When I click it, it says it doesn’t work, and says I do not have permission to view it. Is it something on my side or is it supposed to do that?


  6. Linzey on said:

    The baking soda & acv rinse is amazing. I was told my hair looked “rich” : )
    Took a few days to adjust the amount of baking soda, but, I don’t think i will ever use shampoo, ever again.

  7. Brooke Hammond on said:

    Do you make the baking soda and apple c vinegar rinse every night or do you make a container up ahead of time.

  8. Hi I love your recipes but I was wondering if you had a recipe for toothpaste

    • Not yet! I’ll have to get working on one :)

      • You can brush your teeth with baking soda and water. Sometimes I add natural peppermint flavor, on the baking isle. To whiten, I have heard hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda, but I have not tried it yet. Since, I have been using baking soda, I can’t stand the sweet foamy toothpaste. And they have ingredients that block the natural antibacterial properties of your saliva.

  9. Malachi on said:

    Where did your soap recipe go?! I have gathered all my supplies, read 3 books, & of all the recipes I have seen smeared all over the internet, have chosen YOUR soap recipe as the ONE I want to make! I studied it nightly for days, but didn’t write it down. Will it return? Or can you email it to me? Love all your recipes! (& here is mine for toothpaste: mix equal parts of baking soda, coconut oil, & xylitol. Then add drops of peppermint oil to taste.)

  10. Idk what happened to my other comment?
    Anyway wanted to know if you think Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soda is safe/healthy as this or at least closish. The ingredients are- ill just paste off their site-
    Coconut Oil Based Surfactant: The natural stuff that cleans
    Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash): Assists the stuff that cleans by softening the water and provides alkalinity
    Sodium Metasilicate: Helps prevent the metal parts in the washer from corroding.
    Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate: More natural stuff that cleans
    Sodium Chloride: Helps to hold it all together and increase flow


    • The only thing I don’t like about it is the coconut oil based surfactant. It is actually SLS. (Sodium laureth sulphate). They “hide” the term by calling it a coconut based surfactant (which it is) but it is also called SLS and is a skin irritant at best. I also am not convinced that Sodium Metasilicate or fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate are good products.

  11. Louise Boscott on said:

    Hmm, time to go au naturele! :)

  12. Victoria Raber on said:

    thanks for sharring these recipes. I will try them!

  13. I love this website! :D I’m going to make the Sugar Scrub, Body Butter, and Lip Balms for Christmas gifts!! Thanks so much for all the great recipes and ideas!

  14. Love your site and am just thrilled with all your tutorials. I make the laundry detergent, body whip and the citrus cleaning mix. I am planning on trying more recipes. Using natural products and eating organic local food is so important to me. Having your tutorials has helped me get closer to where I would like to be for me and my family. Thank you so much!

  15. Monica Poston on said:

    Thank you so much for posting all these recipes! I just ordered some ingredients that will make several of these products. I have made body butter before and am excited to go more natural. I feel so much better about putting natural products on my 4 year old.

    Also, to make hands really soft, before bed:
    -rub a bit of olive or coconut oil on them for a minute or so,
    -pour a little sea salt on hands and rub in, adding a little water
    -rinse off and dry
    -put lotion on and then go to bed.

    This works like the Mary Kay Satin Hands!

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