How to Make Vanilla Extract.  It’s So Easy!

How To Make Vanilla Extract titlepageI have pretty much given up on giving gifts to adults that can’t be eaten or used up.  This way, if it doesn’t match their décor, it doesn’t matter.  If it doesn’t look good on them, it doesn’t matter.  If they don’t read it, it doesn’t matter.  If it smells good, tastes good, and can be used up, most people will like it!  Pure vanilla extract is a good example.

Real vanilla extract is expensive.  I grew up with imitation vanilla extract because it cost a fraction of the price.  Of course the real deal tastes better and is better for you, but not everyone can go that route.  Enter, homemade vanilla extract!  It is super simple to make, tastes as good or better than the commercial stuff, and makes a classy gift that can be used up.  Keep in mind it needs a minimum of 6-8 weeks to infuse so make sure you start it ahead of time!

If you are looking for organic vanilla beans, you may have trouble finding them locally. You can buy them online easily though!  May I recommend purchasing them here, from my favorite source: Mountain Rose Herbs.


750 ml Vodka
12-15 vanilla beans


  1. Split the vanilla bean pods open lengthwise, leaving the top inch still connected, exposing the tiny seeds.
  2. Place the vanilla beans into the bottle of vodka.
  3. Shake gently once a week.
  4. Vanilla has infused enough after 6-8 weeks, or leave it for months to get an even better flavour!


  • Cheap vodka works as well as expensive vodka.
  • The longer the infusion the better the flavour so after the 6-8 weeks, when you are bottling your vanilla, place a bean in each bottle to continue the infusion.

And it is as easy as that!  Enjoy!

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