How to make butter in a blender!  Easy, quick and delicious.

Butter making How TO Make Butter in a Blender WatermarkedDairy products were “created” as a way to preserve milk without refrigeration many, many years ago.  I can picture the first person ever to domesticate a goat and use its milk.  Then, after realizing how amazing it tasted, discover that it would go bad after a few days. Somehow, after who knows how long, came the discovery of ways to preserve it.  Who was the first person who discovered that a bit of a newborn goat or sheep’s stomach would create rennet and make cheese?  Who was the first person to discover you can make yogurt from heating milk and adding a culture?  And who discovered that if you take the cream off the milk and agitate it long enough you would get whipped cream, and then butter?  Of course we will never know but we do know dairy products are delicious, and when made from quality milk, they are a healthy addition to your diet.

I was given 6 pints of outdated organic whipping cream recently.  I considered the possibilities, and decided that since it was already nearing the end of its potential, it needed to be made into something that would last longer.  I had read somewhere that my Blendtec could make butter.  A Blendtec is a very high powered blender, similar to a Vitamix.  Worth a try!  I am not sure how much longer it would take to make butter in a lower powered blender.  We love and use a lot of butter, and organic butter isn’t cheap.  I poured the whipping cream into the blender and turned the blender on.  Within three seconds the blender bogged down.  What was going on in there?  I looked inside and lo and behold, in three seconds, I had whipped cream!  I will never waste my time making whipped cream with my KitchenAid again!  I started to pulse the whipped cream, and with about 3 more 1 second pulses, the whey had separated from the cream, and I had butter.  It really is that easy!


Make Butter in a Blender
Recipe type: Condiment
Cuisine: American
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1 cup
Make butter in a high powered blender in seconds!
  • 1 pint whipping cream
  1. Pour whipping cream into the blender. Do not put more than 1 pint in at a time.
  2. Pulse the blender for about 2 seconds each pulse, checking after each pulse.
  3. The cream should turn to whipped cream first.
  4. If you hear the blender bogging down, scrape the insides down with a spatula and pulse for less time. It will take only a few pulses after turning to whipped cream, to make butter.
  5. Once you start seeing the whey separate from the butter, scrape the butter into a sieve and drain the whey. Save the whey for making pancakes. Dump the butter into a bowl.
  6. Using a spatula, press the butter against the side of the bowl to get out extra whey. Pour out whey.
  7. Once you think you have removed most of the whey, rinse the butter with water, then press the butter again. If there is still whey in it, the liquid will look milky. If the whey is gone, the liquid will look clear.
  8. Once the liquid is clear, add salt to taste and stir. You can then use the butter, or freeze it for later!
Try adding herbs or spices to make a savoury butter!
The more whey you remove from the butter the harder it will get, and the longer it will last. If you don't remove all the whey it will go sour in a few days. Store in the fridge of the freezer and enjoy!


Images from top, clockwise: 1. bottles of whipping cream. 2.cream turns to whipped cream. 3. whipped cream turns to whey and butter. 4. butter is strained. 5. butter is squished to remove whey and then rinsed and salted.

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