Home-made All Natural Deodorant with men and women’s fragrances

Deodorants are very important to me.  I DO NOT LIKE body odour.  But neither do I like the chemicals that are in most commercial deodorants/ antiperspirants.  The human body is meant to sweat to cool the body.  The bacteria from our skin and hair cause body odour when we sweat.  Deodorants neutralise and/or kill the bacteria.  Antiperspirants use aluminium that actually blocks the pores and stops the sweat from leaving the body.  Control Your Impact explains that antiperspirants are actually drugs which “change the function of the body” and are thereby regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Both types regularly contain parabens, aluminium, propylene glycol, Triclosan, TEA, DEA, FD&C colors, fragrance, talc, and many more.  These ingredients have links to Alzheimer’s, cancer and allergic reactions.  After discovering this information it was clear to me that I needed an alternative.

My safe deodorant search began when I was pregnant with my first child.  I tried the commercial all-natural brands from the crystal, to Tom’s of Maine and while these had acceptable ingredients, they didn’t work.   I finally settled on a Kiss My Face liquid rock that still contained ingredients I didn’t like.  I had myself convinced that no totally safe, chemical-free deodorants worked.

Last summer at a farmer’s market I purchased an all natural deodorant made locally.  I bought it with suspicion… and LOVED it!  It worked.  It smelled good.  It felt good.  And did I say, it WORKED!  The best part about it was that I recognised all the ingredients and could find most of them locally.  This was encouraging.  I knew that I could make my own deodorant if I really tried.  I started searching the internet for recipes and came up with several that had some of the same ingredients.  So I tried them.  The baking soda/coconut oil/corn starch deodorant worked well.  But it could only be used as a putty applied with finger tips because the coconut oil would melt in the steamy bathroom during showers.  I wanted something that could be poured into an old deodorant container and applied conveniently.  So I knew it needed something to make it drier and something to make it more solid.

And I found it.  My homemade deodorant contains:

Coconut Oil: naturally antibacterial and a great moisturiser.
Baking Soda: deodorises
Arrowroot Powder: adds extra dryness
Cocoa Butter: moisturiser for shaving and stabiliser (solid at room temperature)
Bees Wax: stabiliser (makes the deodorant more solid)
Essential Oil: antibacterial, antimicrobial, and smells good!

***UPDATE!  I have since changed the recipe to exclude kaolin clay since it does contain aluminum which I was unaware of.  It is a naturally occuring aluminum, and from my research does not absorb into the body but I removed it from the recipe regardless.  The ingredients have been adjusted and the recipe works fine without it.  If you want to include the kaolin clay, use 2 heaping tbsp. clay, and 2 heaping tbsp. arrowroot powder. Thanks!***

All ingredients can be found in natural health food stores.  Alternatively, ingredients can be ordered online from Mountain Rose Herbs: “Exceptional quality certified organic herbs and spices, with a strict emphasis on sustainable agriculture.”
By clicking on the links above you can buy directly from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Does it work?  Yes it does!  Both my husband and I have put it to the test.  I have gardened in it, worked out in it, and stressed out in it with no smell!  My husband works a physical job and worked all day in it, and still didn’t smell the next morning.

Recipe (by weight, or use the measurments in brackets if you don’t have a scale):
1.1 oz. cocoa butter (1/8 c.)
2.0 oz. beeswax   (3 Tbsp. melted)
1.5 oz. coconut oil (3 Tbsp.)
1.5 oz. baking soda (1/8 c.)
1.0 oz. arrowroot powder (3 1/2 heaping Tbsp.)
15 drops clary sage essential oil (for men) or other
10+10 drops of vanilla essential oil and cinnamon essential oil (for women) or other


Wash and roll down your empty deodorant container.
Melt cocoa butter on low heat in pan.  Stir constantly.
Add coconut oil and beeswax and stir until melted.  Turn off heat.
Add baking soda and arrowroot powder, stirring vigorously.
Add essential oils.
Pour quickly into empty deodorant container.  Make sure it has been rolled down all the way.
Allow to cool.
 And you are done!


  • Use OLD dishes!  Bees wax is hard to get out of your bowls and spoons!
  • Make sure your deodorant container doesn’t have holes in the bottom of it.  If it does, cut out parchment paper to the size of the container, and seal the edges inside the container with melted beeswax before you get started.  You don’t want your product leaking all over the counter before it hardens.
  • Keep heat low to prevent burning.  MELT.  DO NOT BOIL.
  • If mixture hardens before you have put it in the container just reheat and stir to melt again.
  • If final product is too hard, roll it up, take it off the deodorant container, reheat and add 1 Tbsp. coconut oil or cocoa butter.
  • If final product is too soft re-melt it and add 1/2 Tbsp melted bees wax.
  • If final product is too greasy re-melt and add 1 Tbsp. arrowroot powder.
  • Be careful when rolling up the deodorant for the first time.  It may be a bit stuck at first and you can easily break the turner if you force it.
  • Other essential oils will work fine with the recipe.  Lavender and Tea Tree oil have great antibacterial properties.  Just be cautious with essential oils: some are not supposed to be put directly on the skin.  Always read your labels first.
  • If you would like to make the recipe without a plastic container, simply do not add bees wax, pour into a glass jar and use your finger tips to apply.

Making your own body care products is fun and satisfying.  Keep in mind that you may have to play with recipes to get them perfect for your own body type.

For a link to more essential oils that have masculine fragrances click here.  You can make your own combinations of essential oils too.   For a link to mixing your own essential oil fragrances click here.

Some people’s skin is very sensitive to baking soda.  You can make the recipe without the baking soda but I find it less effective.

I would love to hear your experience with the product!  If you make changes to the recipe that make it work better for you, please share!

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  1. Good Girl Gone Green says:

    What is Kaolin clay? Never heard of that.

  2. Free Range Mama says:

    Kaolin clay is powdered clay, available at natural living stores, and is used for things like face masks etc. It is a plain, white clay. Since it has the same use as arrowroot powder it is potentially skip-able but I haven't tried it without it. I would increase the arrowroot powder if you don't want to try the clay.

  3. Becky Green says:

    I may have to try this. I've been using the original recipe for a while now and love it! I keep mine in the fridge and it never melts….and it's refreshingly cool when you pit it on.

  4. Free Range Mama says:

    Becky I think you'll love it! I love the added fragrance and the dryness. When the body heats up the fragrance is more noticeable, but it isn't masking body odour. There just plain IS no body odor. Let me know how it goes if you try it! Thanks for commenting.

  5. Bee Girl says:

    I'm excited to add this to my list of DIY projects to try! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  6. Hi Free Range Mama & Healthy Green Mama, Just a quick note to let you know you have received a Liebster Blog Award from moi! I love your blog and hope that more others will love it too! Read what it's all about here, http://smallthingsbynona.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/liebster-blog-award.html
    Wishing you a great day and continued success with your blogging!

  7. I'm going to try this. I make the other kind, with just coconut oil, baking soda, beeswax, and cornstarch. Unfortunately yesterday I smelled. Darn it. I'm excited to try something else!

  8. I have all of these ingredients on hand and can't wait to try this! A chemical-free deodorant is very important to me and I'd love to make it myself – this is the best looking DIY recipe I've seen!

  9. emfox13 says:

    Pending finding the ingredients locally, I'm making tomorrow! If I can't find them I'll make in a couple of weeks! I've been using Tom's of Maine roll on natural crystal or whatever. It isn't quite cutting it.

  10. I am so excited to give this a try – thanks for the recipe!

  11. I am always looking for natural alternatives & was very happy when I stumbled upon your post. The one concern I have is that in the photo I see the baking soda is Arm & Hammer, which I am almost positive contains aluminium. I tried to confirm this by going to their website, but where they post their ingredients for their products, they do not include their baking soda. I would have to look at a box. I just wanted to let you know, and truly am not bashing your efforts in making your deodorant, which I think is wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Free Range Mama says:

    Hi Tanya, thanks for your interest! From all my research baking soda (all baking soda) is only sodium bicarbonate. Baking powder, on the other hand, is a combination of ingredients including baking soda, and can contain aluminum. I buy the aluminum-free kind. If you find anything that argues this please let me know. Thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      Mountain Rose Herbs and Soap Goods say their baking soda has aluminum in it.

      • Well that kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? I’ll take a look and if I find that too I will remove my link to it. Thanks for the heads up!

      • This is what Mountain Rose Herbs just emailed to me:
        Thank you for contacting us and for your support of Mountain Rose Herbs!

        We do not add any aluminum to our Baking Soda, but it does contain trace amounts, as would any earthen material (such as clay, soil, etc.). It is manufactured according to USP specifications, which are the same standards that Arm & Hammer adheres to. However, ours is approved for natural and organic production/products (OMRI listed), whereas some other brands are processed further; ours is not.

        Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you, and have a great day!

        Best regards,

        Mountain Rose Herbs Customer Service

        So I feel pretty confident that their product is a good one. Trace amounts that are naturally occuring can’t be avoided?

  13. Free Range Mama says:

    Let me know how it works for you!

  14. Free Range Mama says:

    Hi Jenn! Thanks for commenting! And you are welcome! Let me know how it works for you.

  15. Free Range Mama says:

    Thanks Bee Girl!

  16. Free Range Mama says:

    Thanks Nona :)

  17. Free Range Mama says:

    Let me know how it works for you Mrs. Z. Thanks for commenting!

  18. Free Range Mama says:

    Thanks Jan! let me know how it works for you, and please feel free to share the recipe!

  19. I never could find a deodorant I liked either. We will have to try this!

  20. How many deodorant containers will one batch fill?

  21. Funky Momma says:

    I tried the recipe on another site with baking soda, arrowroot, cornstarch and coconut oil, but it gives me a terrible rash after 2 or 3 days. Will this still work if I take out the baking soda? It definitely keeps me odor free, even the next morning I smell good :-)

    • It could be the cornstarch. Cornstarch should not be used because it can allow yeast to overgrow. The baking soda does help as a deodorant but it can be irritating if you’re applying right after the shower, especially right after you’ve shaved. I have used just coconut oil by itself and it does work by itself, Not as good as a combination recipe but it still works and isn’t irritating.

    • I made one with coconut oil , arrowroot powder (could be substituted with corn starch but it is probably GMO) Baking soda free of aluminum, and unrefined shea butter, and lavender oil. It is a pate and works wonders. :))

      I would like to know how many containers did u use for the amount of ingredients, and how much pastiles wax will make one tablespoon of melted wax?

  22. Free Range Mama says:

    Hi Kim! Let me know how the product works for you!

  23. Free Range Mama says:

    One typical sized deodorant container. Feel free to double it :)

  24. Free Range Mama says:

    I have heard of others having that reaction from the baking soda. My first thought would be that your baking soda ratio is way too high. See what your baking soda ratio is compared to the one in here. This one is quite low and has ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter and bees wax to tame down the baking soda. Anyway, I know some people use this recipe without baking soda and have good results because of the antiseptic qualities in the coconut oil and essential oils. I have tried it but prefer the baking soda (I don't react to it though!) Let me know how it goes for you! Thanks for asking.

  25. I'm so glad I found your awesome blog. I had no idea you could make your own deodorant. I love your blog i'm so glad I found it. I'm now following. I would love it if you stopped by to visit me @http://www.arosiesweethome.com/
    I host a Sunday linky party every week if you would like to come and share.

  26. I have made this with my kids and they tell me (I do not use deodorant myself so no personal experience to add) that it stains their shirts… I have made other recipes without coconut oil and didn't have the same complaints… have you experienced the staining?

  27. Free Range Mama says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I have not noticed it with this deodorant, but the one I was using before I noticed it with dark pink shirts that were close-fitting. It washed out, but it seemed to make the color under the arm darker while wearing/sweating. I thought it might be a reaction between the baking soda and the dye in the fabric because it didn't happen with any of my other clothes, but I guess it could be the coconut oil since it is, after all, an oil. This recipe makes for a nice firm deodorant so it might not be as bad as compared to a softer deodorant. In any case, would love to hear froma anyone who does notice anything.

    If you do cut out the coconut oil don't use as much beeswax. You might not even need any. You'd have to play with it a bit. I would love to hear from you if you do try it.

  28. Free Range Mama says:

    Thanks so much Rose! I'll be sure to check it out.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I have read that unrefined coconut oil will not stain but refined coconut oil does. I haven't tried it yet myself so I don't know for sure.

  30. To those who have trouble getting a rash w the baking soda…try waiting 10 or 15 min after showering to put the deodorant on, especially if you shaved your armpits. I've been using baking soda as deodorant for about 1 1/2 yrs & got the rash often. I realized that it irritated my skin if I put it on when my pores were more open after a hot shower or my skin was more sensitive after shaving. I started giving my skin a little time between shower & deodorant & never have problems w the rash or skin irritation ;)

  31. Victoria @ Green Idea Reviews says:

    I tried this out in but it didn't really work for me. Too messy, and the odor protection did not last for me. I blogged about my experience here: http://www.greenideareviews.com/2012/02/26/home-made-deodorant-review-does-it-work/
    Did I do something wrong? Or do you think this is just one of those things that doesn't work for everyone?

    • Another reason about why your odor protection may not have lasted… keep in mind if you were using commercial deodorant and decided to try out a natural one, it takes time for your body to eliminate that old deodorant from your body. (It took me about 2 weeks) Also, if you are eating unhealthy foods, your body will work to eliminate (not everything goes through the gut to eliminate) Our underarms are of the most important places where our bodies eliminate toxins, which is why it is so important to not use commercial deodorants.

  32. Free Range Mama says:

    Victoria Thanks for commenting. I looked at your link and this deodorant recipe is a different recipe. Yours is similar to the first one I ever tried and I agree it is too greasy and messy. This recipe combats those issues. It is my own and I have never seen it posted on the internet. I use arrowroot powder to thicken, clay to dry, beeswax to thicken and emulsify, and essential oils that are antimicrobial which also combats bacteria. This recipe is not greasy, messy or soft. It rolls up nicely and is firm enough to work perfectly in a roll up container. Thanks for your interest! I'd give this recipe a try.

  33. Betty @ Little Farm in the Big City says:

    Excellent post! I make my own deodorant but it's not quite as solid as this. I'll have to try your recipe! By the way, would you mind posting this on my blog's link-up? It would fit in perfectly! http://littlefarminthebigcity.blogspot.com/2012/04/homestead-helps-wednesday-homestead-hop_11.html

  34. I am having trouble finding some of these ingredients…any suggestions on what type of store might sell most of these products?

    • Lady Em: Try Mountain Rose Herbs (www.mountainroseherbs.com). They’ll have all of the ingredients you need for this recipe. I order everything from them! Good prices and excellent quality.

      • Thanks Aldana. I now have all the ingredients linked to Mountain Rose Herbs so all you have to do is click on the ingredients in the post and it will take you there. They have high quality products.

  35. Free Range Mama says:

    Lady Em I bought all of my ingredients at a natural foods store locally. I am Canadian so I am not sure what to compare it to for you but I would guess a Whole Foods would have these ingredients. The more obscure is the clay, which is found in the beauty section rather than the food section. People use it for making facial masks. the arrowroot powder will be in the food section. It is used as a thickener. If they don't have cocoa butter and bees wax then a company like Cranberry Lane (Canadian) which provides soap making ingredients and other body product ingredients will have it. Thanks for asking!

  36. Free Range Mama says:

    Betty I will check it out! Thanks!

  37. The Greening Of Westford says:

    I will definitely be trying this once I get all the ingredients. No good health food store around here so I'll have to keep searching. How bad is it that I am so jealous of all your empty deodorant containers!? I have been wanting for a while to try my own deodorant but didn't have a container to put it in – might just have to break down and use my fingers!

  38. Free Range Mama says:

    The Greening Of Westford LOL! You only need one jar. You could even buy some deodorant at a dollar store and throw out the nasty contents, wash out the container and fill it! Or ask your friends for their containers. Then they'll REALLY think you are weird… haha :)

  39. Hi!

    I have just one question. I'n from Europe and I have absolutely no idea what arrowroot powder is :))) Can it be replaced with cornstarch…or can you explain to me what arrowroot powder is, that I can try to find it :)

    What about kaolin clay…is that normal clay that it is used for healing or possibly drinking?

    Thank you very much! :)

    • I’ve used potato starch for my deodorants, works well. Corn starch may produce allergic reactions when used for a long time. (The irritating part may well be that, when some people report rash when using this kind of deodorants, even when it’s commonly blamed on baking soda) – That’s why it has been greatly removed from several products where it has been used before, such as powdering surgical gloves, etc. The particle in potato starch is round, and therefore more friendly to the skin, too. :-) I have been using quite a similar set of ingredients as shown here, and I don’t think I’m ever going to go back to “store-grade” regular deodorants again.

  40. Free Range Mama says:

    Corn starch can replace the arrowroot powder, for sure! Yes that is the same kind of clay. Enjoy!

  41. I would love the ingredients in weight measurements. Bees wax for one is easier measured that way. Do you have them by chance?

  42. Rachel Durham says:

    Hello! I saw this as a pinterest pin, and this is perfect timing! I have been getting the stuff together to make some myself, and hadn't found any recipes stable enough to go into deodorant containers. Something I wanted to add though, I use doTERRA essential oils, and they are all safe to apply to the skin, because they are 100% natural extract from the plant. Many can even be taken internally!! I have a couple I'm thinking about to go in this recipe, but I wasn't sure if you had heard of them or not. :) Check out the website if you like.. http://www.doterra.myvoffice.com/doterrawithme/

  43. Came across your site via Pinterest. I would love to try this out. Do you have any advice for someone switching from conventional antiperspirant/deodorant (I use Secret solid) to a natural deodorant such as this? Is there any sort of "detox" period that your body will go through? I tried an "organic" deodorant several years ago, and I gave up because there was such a horrible detox period that I couldn't even stand to be near myself! I guess it was my body purging the chemicals, but it was a horrible smell. I work in close quarters in an office setting, 12 hour shifts. I can't stink! :) I am trying to get away from chemical laden products and your recipe seems to be a great alternative to those. Thanks for posting!

  44. Free Range Mama says:

    Rebecca that's a good question. I didn't notice any difference. I am thinking it might just have been one of those natural deodorants that I tried out that didn't work AT ALL. My sister is using this now and she had no transition, despite using a regular antiperspirant until switching. I'd definitely give it a try! And let me know how it works for you!

  45. Free Range Mama says:

    Virgina unfortunately I don't have the weights. I don't have a scale small enough for those amounts. If I do get set up for that I will post the amounts! Thanks for asking.

  46. Leah Siemens says:

    as one who suffers from a "bad case of BO" I am excited to see if i can find all these ingredients and give it a try! :-D thank you SO much for all the work you put into the recipe and thank you for sharing it! :-)

  47. This recipe looks fantastic! I can't find all of those ingredients here, but I'd like to remember to come back to this when we're living in a less remote place. A great idea!

  48. I have been making our own deodorant but find that in warmer weather, which is often..I am in Florida, it is too soft to store in a traditional deodorant container. I will have to try your recipe, thanks!

  49. Free Range Mama says:

    Angela this one won't melt on you :). The. Beeswax solidifies it. So unless your beeswax candles are melting this should work for you :)

  50. mother of 5 says:

    Hello. I really want to try this deoderant. I was searching the web for the kaolin clay and I came across this website that talks about how bad it is. I wondered if there was anything else you could use to replace it or can you leave it out? Here is the link. http://www.realmilkpaint.com/article-kaolinclay.html
    Thanks so much.

  51. Free Range Mama says:

    Hi Mother of 5,
    This is the first negative thing I have read about kaolin clay. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! My guess is you could make the recipe without the clay, just increase the arrowroot powder (or corn starch if you choose to use that) by the amount of clay required. Let me know how it works for you!

  52. Cooking in Mexico says:

    Your recipe looks interesting, but I thought coconut oil and coconut butter were the same thing…

    "Definition: Coconut Butter is another name for Coconut Oil."


    "Coconut butter, also known as coconut oil, is vegetable oil extracted from the dried meat of the coconut, or copra."

  53. Free Range Mama says:

    Hi Kathleen,
    You just misread the ingredients. That is COCOA butter not coconut butter. They aren't the same thing.

  54. mother of 5 says:

    This will be my first time making my own deodorant. Which would you increase? The arrowroot powder or would you use the corn starch? I like to use a website called Skin Deep to check ingredients I use on my skin. Thanks so much for this recipe. I can't wait to try it.

  55. Free Range Mama says:

    Hi Mother of 5, I use arrowroot powder because I can't find organic corn starch and I don't want genetically modified ingredients in my deodorant. I would increase the arrowroot powder. I love Skin Deep too!

  56. mother of 5 says:

    Great thanks!! I will let you know how it goes once I get everything to make it!

  57. amber silva says:

    I have been searching for a deodorant recipe forever. I have seen all these ingredients at the grocery/herb stores. I already make my own bodywash/laundry soap/dish soap etc.
    Thank you for the recipe!

  58. Pinning this. A completely non-toxic and all natural deodorant that really works is like a dream for me!

    Thanks for participating in the NPN Frugal Living Blog Hop on I Thought I Knew Mama!

  59. Does this have any antiperspirant properties? I sweat – a lot. There is only one commercial antiperspirant that works for me (odor and wetness). Even the “clinical” formulas are a bust. I would LOVE to use something more natural but can’t afford to buy all the ingredients and have them not work/be wasted. And I can’t walk around with soaking wet armpits on my shirts all the time. My DH teases me that I sweat/smell like my dad.

    • It doesn’t block your pores to I don’t think it would help you not sweat. I can’t make any other suggestion other than try it first! I know lots of men who wear it successfully to prevent smell, not sweat. Good luck!

    • Oh one thing you could try is the link to the original homemade deodorant recipe. That doesnt’ call for a lot of ingredients and I think you will get the same “no smell” effect as the other, but it isn’t as dry going on because it doesn’t contain the other ingredients. THat would be a cheaper way of trying it first.

  60. Readers, I have updated the recipe to include clickable links to purchase all of the ingredients online from Mountain Rose Herbs Co., a company providing organic and sustainable ingredients.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Hello. I am making this today. I was wondering if the cocoa butter is 1/8cup melted or solid? I bought it in a tub and it is really hard. Thanks so much.

  62. Cheylene says:

    Just wanted to tell you that I ordered the ingredients and got them a few days ago. I made up the deodorant and I am in love!!! Both my husband and I are using it and it works great all day, without having to reapply. I had almost given up on finding an all natural deodorant and here I found one I can make myself! Thank you thank you!

  63. Mrs. Haven says:

    Free Range Mama kindly gave me a sample of her homemade deodorant to try. I like it a lot. It smells great and works better than the store-bought natural deodorant I was using.

  64. Sarah-Jane Pepper says:

    We have used this and it works well for us. I like the smooth consistency, and haven’t had any issues with staining. I would definitely make this in the future. Thanks FRM!

  65. Do you think Calcium Bentonite Clay could substitute for the kaolin? I happen to have some on hand. I am so excited to try this!!!

  66. Hi there. I made my own homemade deodorant a while back (totally different recipe) and I found that it worked for about two weeks, when apparently, my body decided to start stinking. I NEVER stink, even when I’ve sweat all day, so this was a shocker. I think it must have taken my body about two weeks to get rid of all the pore-blocking commercial stuff in order for my natural BO to come through, lol. Anyway, I was wondering how long you have been using this deodorant. I’ve read through the comments and have seen where you didn’t have a transitional period yourself, which is great. I was wondering if the length of time had anything to do with it. Thanks!

  67. Anonymous says:

    Can you tell me a good place to get vanilla essential oils that are affordable? I have been searching the web and it is hard to know who to trust. Thanks so much.

  68. Kathleen says:

    Your homemade deodorant works very well. I would be interested in buying it to use every day. Thanks for sharing it!

  69. Healthy Green Mama says:

    Free Range Mama gave my husband and I a sample of this awesome deodorant. I’ve used mine up and am ready to make my first batch when I find some time:) I really like that I don’t smell after a few hours of perspiration and my hubby doesn’t either. Thank you for the sample. I’ll let you know how my first batch goes. HGM

  70. I cannot wait to try this! The natural deoderants that I’ve tried in the past just haven’t cut it.

    One thing that I thought I’d mention, when working with beeswax in the past, what I do is turn my oven to 250 or so, and place any used measuring bowls and pots upside down on a baking sheet. Any excess runs out onto the sheet, and I just wipe them clean with a towel. (Obviously, don’t put anything plastic in the oven – I make sure to use stainless steel and glass). Made making things with beeswax so much easier once I tried this!

  71. Just wondering if I can use lavender or tea tree oil instead of vanilla?

  72. Hey! I really love this recipe, I used rose essential oils and it’s been working great! Thanks so much for sharing it :) The only problem I have is the color–it’s been staining my clothes with a brownish tint. What would you recommend to maybe dye it more white? I’m also going to go to my local apothecary to see what she recommends… that was my only complaint! Thanks again for sharing :)

    • I haven’t had any problems with the color but I don’t wear tight white clothing a lot so that could make a difference. The only color issue i have had is that it seems to make my pink shirts turn a bit bluish under the arms when I sweat, but it washes out. The color is from the bees wax and the cocoa butter. Everything else is white. The beeswax is pretty important because it solidifies this recipe, but you could dry the recipe I linked to at the beginning, which is just coconut oil, baking soda and corn starch. It gets pretty soft, but you could apply it with your finger tips. Good luck!

      • My Husband has this problem with “regular” deodorant. We’ve found that if every now and then you pour boiling water on the pit area before you wash the shirt, it cleans most of the residue off. Maybe that would work for you? We haven’t found that the boiling water compromises the shirt in any way.
        Looking forward to trying this recipe today!

  73. I seriously love your site.. Excellent colors & theme.
    Did you create this website yourself? Please reply back as
    I’m hoping to create my own personal website and would like to find out where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named. Thank you!

    • Hi there, and Thanks! Yes I did create it myself. I have the free wordpress blog set up but the pictures are my own photos and I used http://www.picnik.com (no longer in existance but you can find similar free editing sites) to make the collage. I played around with colors etc and background.

  74. Marsha Parsons says:

    Can I buy some instead of making it? I have the same problem, can’t find anything that works.

    • Hi Marsha,
      Unfortunately I am not set up to market the product. Most of the ingredients are available at Mountain Rose Company. Alternatively, you can try the first recipe I linked to that simply uses coconut oil, baking soda and corn starch. That recipe works for me, but has to be applied with the finger tips since it is soft at room temperature, and it doesn’t have the drying effect of the clay. Good luck and thanks for commenting!

  75. Bridget McLay says:

    HI, I have using this, the baking soda hair wash and washing my clothes in a baking soda mixture but I have developed a rash simalar to when I had an allgeric reaction to a clothes powder before. What I was wondering was is it possible to have a baking soda over dose?

    • Hi Bridget,
      I have never heard of it but I guess you could be allergic to baking soda. You are certain it is from those products, not something you are eating or a new lotion or soap?

      • Bridget McLay says:

        Thanks for your reply!
        Not sure but I have stopped using everything but my clothes wash for now and will reintroduce them one at a time with a few weeks in between and see how I get on.
        Will let you know if I remember lol.

  76. I can’t wait to try this. I’ve been looking for an all natural deodorant for a while now.

  77. After some searching, I found kaolin clay at the local pottery shop. Wondering if it would be the same quality as one sold as a beauty product? Any thoughts?

  78. Thanks so much for this recipe! I have never been able to find a deodorant that works. I always smell half way through the day and that ruins my shirts, since I don’t have time to treat armpit stains on every shirt I wear. I’m hoping this lives up to the reviews and helps with my odor and slight dampness.
    However, before I make it, I was wondering about how long a batch lasts. Also, I don’t know much about some of these ingredients, so I am also wondering what the shelf life might be for this deodorant.

    • It lasts me about 4 or 5 months before it is used up. Similar to any deodorant stick. It has never gone bad on me. Since there is no water added, and oils don’t grow bacteria, it won’t be a health concern. Make sure your cocoa butter and coconut oils are fresh and you’ll have no problem. I make lots at a time and freeze them :)

  79. You may already know this, but “White Cosmetic Powder” (Kaolinite) most certainly contains aluminum. Aluminum is part of its chemical formula (Al2Si2O5(OH)4). FYI

  80. Hello, I just tried making this deodorant and it seems to feel a bit sticky under the arms. I don’t see how to fix this in you notes. Can you help me?
    I finally made a deodorant stick that my husband thinks works for him (after trying several homemade ones.) I just can’t find the recipe online anymore, I forgot what I looked up but anyway I was hoping this one would work just as well.
    Thank you,

  81. Great remedy. I appreciate this. Out of desperation one day I just started applying my coconut oil. I noticed it did help out. So I figured I was on the right track. This article gave me the rest of peices. Thanks

  82. Hi there,
    The deodorant works wonders for both me and my partner! We didn’t need to add any essential oils as it smelled so good for the combination of the ingredients! I could never believe it would work so well! So thanks heaps.

    Now for my question- The only “problem” I had, is that it stains our white shirts.. We dont wear many, but the ones we do wear are stained. Most of it comes out in the laundry, but not all. I will presume its from the bees’ wax? Did you come across the same problem?

    Also, I subscribed to your website but not seem to getting any new articles. Can you please check it for me?

    Thanks a lot

  83. Have been using almost the exact recipe since 1975. I never had any “used” containers from left over use. I have a measuring “cup” that pushes up from the bottom. The cap I use is one they put out several years ago to cover pop cans. Anyway, I have seen several types like I have on eBay, amazon, and I think pampered chef makes one. Jus saying you don’t have to use the left over container that you don’t have, b creative. Happy people are coming back to nature, I almost feel like its the 60′s again!

    • I think this turn around is great too! Many people are still stuck on the “miracle” of the chemical cosmetics but in reality the safer and often just as effective natural methods are best.

  84. Hi there,
    The deodorant works wonders for both me and my partner! We didn’t need to add any essential oils as it smelled so good for the combination of the ingredients! I could never believe it would work so well! So thanks heaps.

    Now for my question- The only “problem” I had, is that it stains our white shirts.. We dont wear many, but the ones we do wear are stained. Most of it comes out in the laundry, but not all. I will presume its from the bees’ wax? Did you come across the same problem?

    Also, I subscribed to your website but not seem to getting any new articles. Can you please check it for me?

    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Niva,
      I thought I answered this one. Strange. I found that it washes out of most things easily. I think it is more likely the coconut oil, but you can try using the basic recipe that I link to at the beginning of the article… just coconut oil, baking soda and corn starch (or arrowroot powder). Then you’ll know. I find that tight shirts stain more, and I had one shirt that was bright pink that turned blue under the arms if I sweated in it much. It washed out though. Good luck!

  85. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for posting this recipe. I tried it and it is works so well! Works just as well or better than my old Dove deodorant, and much better than those alum rocks! And this is no small feat, as I can start to stink right after a shower, and I’m a sweat-er! Thank you so much for posting!

    I wanted to ask the same as someone else asked before. If some of my friends are interested in buying some deodorant from me, do you mind if I market it since it is your recipe?

    Julie (in Calgary)

  86. Being that I have cats and cuddle them regularly I wanted to know if there is a recipe that uses something instead of essential oils. I’ve found several sources saying that cats can’t handle essential oils even in air fresheners. It’s apparently quite toxic to them. So I would be hesitant to use anything on my skin that might accidentally come in contact with them, but I have been wanting to find a healthy alternative to the deodorants I’ve been using.

    Oh I have another question too. I understand that our natural body function is to sweat and it probably is better for us if we do, but what do you do at work to keep sweat marks from showing up on your blouses on a warm day?

    • You should be able to use the recipe with no essential oils added at all and still have great success with it.
      The wet marks under your arms… this does happen, for sure! Wear breathable, natural fabrics and looser clothing to prevent wet marks and bacterial growth which results in smell. Good luck! Sounds like you have some lucky kitties!

      • A fabric store should have underarm protectors ( they look like the reverse of shoulder pads, like from the 80′s) they absorb the sweat and are removed at the end of the day, or, are washed with the garment.

  87. Question:

    Can you please publish the original recipe with the clay? I have a good clay called Pascalite, which I would like to use instead. So I”d like to know the proportions of the original recipe so I can mimick it.


  88. What would be a cheaper substitute for the clary sage essential oil?

    • No essential oil at all :) It works quite well without it. I like the fragrance of essential oil when my body heats up during excercise, but it isn’t necessary. Peppermint would be nice or Ylang Ylang. The essential oil is actually the most expensive part of making this deodorant.

  89. Janelle Branch says:

    When I pour the mixture in while liquid after it cools I can’t seem to turn the deodorant up. It’s like it’s stuck. Any suggestions?

    • I would try not turning it quite all the way down before you pour it in, and also try warming it up under hot water just to loosen it a bit to get it going. If all else fails, melt it down and use a different container. Good luck!

  90. Looks like a great recipe. Anyone experienced it staining or not staining the cloths? I tried a few recipes and I also bought a few natural deodorant that worked well for me but the problem was they would stain my cloths. I am not sure if it was the coconut oil or the Shea butter I used but there would be an ugly stain of oil on my blouse – not very pretty.
    Did anyone experience that? Does this recipe stain?
    I would really like it if it does.
    Thanks !!

  91. I’d like to try this out, but I’m allergic to cocoa butter. Is there a good substitute?

    Thanks -

  92. Has anyone tried this recipe with grapefruit essential oil? I really enjoy the smell of it, but it’s not that masculine. :). I like the clary sage scent also, but don’t have it right now. Also any difference between cocoa and shea butter?

    • Hi Martin,
      You can exchange cocoa butter for shea butter, no problem. It might affect the consistancy a bit (shea butter is softer) but all you would have to do is add a bit more bees wax if you want it firmer. LIkely it won’t be enough of a difference to be necessary. You can use grapefruit essential oil, but a word of caution about citrus essential oils… they are photo-toxic, which means when they come into contact with direct sunshine your skin will burn way more quickly. So don’t sun tan with your arms in the air ;)

  93. I’ve been reading up on Gluten free and read that the Arrowroot powder has gluten in it.

    • Hi Theresa, I was able to buy Gluten Free Arrowroot in the supermarket here in New Zealand, the brand is called White Crest. I’m not sure where you are based, but if I can find it in NZ hopefully you should be able to find it too?

  94. I use just baking soda + virgin coconut oil. Started with a 1:1 ratio and decreased the amount of baking soda until the point it no longer worked. Best deodorant I’ve ever used!

  95. I’d like to ask about your beeswax. In another post, I noticed you’d linked to Mountain Rose Herbs as your supplier. And in another post, I learned you were now raising your own bees. Do you continue to purchase filtered beeswax from another source, or use your own? I haven’t researched the filtering process, but am wondering if raw wax would be suitable to use for most of your recipes, or if it really is necessary to utilize a filtered version. Thanks so much. I’ve only recently found your site, and am so appreciate of the wealth of knowledge you’re willing to share. The hours I was spending doing research myself, have suddenly cut been slashed with your posts/links. So thankful. :)

    • We now use our own beeswax for everything. We filter it ourselves but not anything fancy. It works perfectly! The reason you need to do some filtering is because little bits of pollen or brood bits (left over from the bees hatching) can be in the wax which makes it unpure, but isn’t harmful either. We just strain ours through a sieve and have no issues. Glad to be of help to you :) Thanks for commenting.

  96. I have a bad coconut allergy–would you recommend replacing it with shea butter or something else entirely? I’ve tried using Cyrstal deodorant and hated it as it left my pits feeling all weird in addition to just plain old not working :/

  97. Margarita says:

    Thanks a lot! I appreciate your expperience very much, I think I’d love this too! I only have 2 questions: first one is how does this affect the clothes? And the second – does this affects only the smell, or does it also has its role over the wetness? I haven’t read the comments above, probably I should :) Sorry, if someone has already asked these. Thanks! :)

    • It doesn’t prevent you from sweating. The arrowroot powder helps keep you feeling dry, but it isn’t an antiperspirant so you will sweat, which is healthy. I have no trouble with loose fitting clothing, but tight white shirts do get yellow under the arms after a day in the heat. Soap and water scrub it out nicely.

  98. Margarita says:

    Hi, again me! I read the comments, I saw the answers, thanks. Reading them was useful. So as far as I’ve understood, the doze is for one container, the arrowroot powder can be replaced for potatoe starch, and one more thing left to ask – as measurment – in the brackets, what does the letter “c” goes for? :) Thanks once again!

  99. Caterina says:

    I made the DIY Deodorant for me and my husband this weekend. So far it’s been working great! I do have a question though. I noticed today that the white tank I was wearing all day today is stained yellow under the arm pits. Am I to expect that to happen regularly? If so, do you have a natural way of removing the stain? Maybe soaking the shirt in water and lemons? Thanks.
    P.s. I love this site!

  100. I literally JUST made this! Halved the ingredients as I only wanted a small batch to see if it works for me. As I didn’t have the right container, I just poured it into a small screw top jar and hope it’ll be soft enough to be able to apply it with my fingers… I added some extra cocoa butter to make it softer for this purpose, fingers crossed! Also, I used tea tree oil instead of the suggested oils, a natural antiseptic, so it’ll hopefully be ok and even help if my skin happens to be irritated. I used wax from local bees, unfiltered and undeodorised, so it has a lovely (yet subtle) honey scent. Now let’s hope it works! Thanks for sharing the recipe!! Greetings from New Zealand :)

    • Awesome! Sounds great.

      • Just a quick follow up. The recipe is definitely working for me and I’m loving the thought of using a natural product. But it seems to be getting harder by the day (maybe because it’s winter here in NZ?), and although it melts without problem in my fingers before I apply it, it’s getting more and more difficult to get it out of the jar! So just a thought for those thinking of storing it in a jar like myself, you may want to use less wax in the recipe, or more cocoa butter. Other than that, great! Thanks again for sharing :-)

  101. I cannot find cocoa butter ANYWHERE!!! I know I can order it online from the site you linked. but I’d prefer not to submit an order for a single ingredient. Can I substitute something for it or leave it out completely? Please let me know as my daughter (9) is dying to make some. :-)

  102. michelle says:

    Hi, looks like a great recipe! I have everything but the kaolin clay, could I use bentonite instead? Thanks.

  103. Interesting! Do you ever buy natural deodorants or do you always make your own? Wondering if you’ve heard of Lavilin? A few of the women in my office use it and they’re always raving about it. Thoughts??

  104. :-)

  105. :-) I love it

  106. Heather James Capuana says:

    This is really a great find! Thank you. I was looking for something for my pre-teen as I don't want her to have an antiperspirant chemical.

  107. Deborah Yoder Jones says:

    Tom's makes a chemical free deodorant.

  108. Heather James Capuana says:

    Deborah Yoder Jones funny, my friend just showed me that. And I have seen it somewhere…Not sure where. Probably Walgreens.

  109. You could also use a crockpot liner in a crockpot to melt in and then just throw the liner away in order to save your dishes.

  110. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing this formula will make as soon as possible. Can I use Essential Oil Extracts instead of essential oils. What's the difference really.

  111. Kristi Stone says:

    Wow, I'd love to try this, Leona. I've been looking for a recipe for AGES, and it's great to know that this is a tried and true recipe. Pinning this so I remember! :D

  112. Christine Wood says:

    Hi, have hard that coconut oil can stain your clothing under the arm. Have you had this problem?

  113. Leona McEachern says:

    I think you'll love it. And it isn't hard. :). If you lived closer you could whip over to my place Friday and make it. I am having a deodorant making party. :D

  114. Kristi Stone says:

    Leona McEachern I wish! I guess I'll just have to make it all by myself. I think I can, I think I can…. Let me ask you this, though—do you use used deodorant containers, or did you need to buy them?

    • I have done both. To reuse them, you need to line them with parchment paper and seal with beeswax since the commercial ones have holes in the bottom. (They must not pour the deodorant in the containers; they must use a mold). And they generally smell like the original deodorant still even after washing. (Powerful, unnatural fragrances!) But yes they can be used! I bought some empty ones (for pouring) and they don’t have holes in the bottom so I reuse them now.

  115. Wanda Montalvo says:


    I made the deodorant without the cocoa butter. But the coconut oil is staining my clothes. Maybe I need the cocoa butter.

    Thank you!!!!

  116. how many sticks of deodorant does this recipe make?

  117. thanks so much for the tried and true recipe – it sounds better than my first attempt which got a little melty in the Texas heat. One thing I do like about my first attempt was that I made it in a used up toilet paper roll, rather than the plastic container, thought that was a great reuse, will try that again.

  118. Laurel LaLonde says:

    I make homemade deodorant too. I put the ingredients in a glass mason jar and put the jar in a double boiler with hot water. I use a chopstick to stir it and save the jar for the next batch – nothing to clean up!

  119. Would adding shea butter mess up the deoderant?

  120. This is exactly the kind of formula I have been looking for!
    I'm excited to try it!
    I will, however, be trying the original recipe first off. I've done some of my own research on kaolin clay (I use it in my powders and facial masks), the aluminum is chemically bonded with silica and oxygen making it harmless, it's not something that can come undone.
    My roommate's mom is a potter, she's used it in pottery for years, is very healthy and she has lovely hands! I say give it try gang, I'm gonna!
    Thanks again, I'll let you know how it works out for me!

  121. Heather James Capuana I think Martin's sells it!

  122. I have just started using plain old Milk of Magnesia & it's working perfectly, much to my surprise. I'm curious to see how it works in the Summer….

  123. Neely Niez says:

    If I use Kaolin clay do I need to take a ingredient out of the recipe and use it or do I just add it to the recipe already listed?

  124. I made your deodorant by following your exact recipe. I did add in a few drops of Vit E since most of the other DIY deodorants add this in for skin conditioning. I lined the bottom of the bottle with a very thin slice of beeswax (I molded it with my fingers and it seems to have held). I have not rolled it up or actually used it yet since it’s still warm. I’m excited to give it a try and I’m hoping to let my body get used to it over spring break when people don’t have to smell me :0) I have a feeling it will take at least a week for my body to get used to the new ingredients. If this works I’ll be saying a goodbye to store bought deodorant (which includes my current stick, Tom’s).

  125. While I found the product a little stiff at first, I then added more coconut oil as suggested. This did help but I found it went on more smoothly if I applied body butter first. After a couple of months using it I am totally satisfied with it's performance in keeping me odor free! As it is now spring and warming up, I will try it again as is.
    I love this deodorant! Thank you so much for posting it!

  126. I poured mine into toilet rolls! I figure it's so oily it shouldn't stick, I have something to hold on to and I can rip off the cardboard as I go. Thanks for the recipe. I didn't have cocoa butter, so used extra coconut oil… Also had to use cirn starch instead of arrowroot, hopefully it is still effective. ..looks good in the roll. The recipe make I full roll.

  127. Thanks for the recipe. I’m looking forward to trying it as lately I have had skin irritation from commercial deoderants. Your recipe scnents say “for women” but it actually sounds pretty good to me. Anyone come up with a good combination for men? Or is this recipe actually good for men too? I’m one of those men who has no clue about this type of thing. Thanks!

    • This recipe works very well for men too. I make my husband some using the essential oil Clary Sage. ANy of the more woodsy essential oils would work nicely too. Enjoy!!

  128. I made a similar deodorant without cocoa butter and using bentonite clay. It worked really well for the smell, but after a week, I started breaking out. I thought it might have been clogged pores, but I don’t know. I stopped using it and it is clearing up now. Has anyone else had any issues like this? Could it have been the beeswax clogging my pores? Or could I have been having a reaction to something else? I really want to continue using it, but I’m afraid to now. Thanks!

  129. Baking soda breaks me out and when I took it out of my recipe the odor returned; HELP!!!!!!

  130. Heather Reiter-Fritz says:

    I am excited to try this. I found a very similar recipe on another site, but it didn't include bees wax, so it's really more similar to a lotion and my husband won't touch it. I'm hopeful that this will be something he will try.

  131. Heather Reiter-Fritz says:

    It can stain if you use too much. If that happens, just take a little dish soap and scrub it before you wash as usual

  132. I use a very similar recipe – yours is much higher in oil/wax than mine since the one I found uses much less beeswax and doesn’t use cocoa butter, but the essential parts are the same. I’ve been using it for over a year now and it’s a stellar success. Antiperspirants stopped working for me at least a decade ago, and commercial deodorants for women are almost unfindable – I was using my husband’s. Also, waking up in the morning with myself was *very* unpleasant – beyond my natural BO bad.

    This stuff, though — works amazingly well. I don’t stink in the mornings after a full previous day (with very rare exceptions – and I never smell *worse*). I do get the oil stain in my pits, so I may try adding as much beeswax as this recipe to see if that changes anything, maybe keep things tighter to my skin. But nothing stinks like it used to, and I am just *so* happy about that alone :) And I’m super lazy, so the fact that this is so very easy to make is a mega-plus. Cannot recommend enough for anyone to at least try it.

  133. Hi, what is 1/8 c. ?

  134. Eliza Desmarais says:

    Try bentonite clay. It's antibacterial and will replace the powdery factor that the baking soda added

  135. Hi I just made this, thanks for the recipe! I love your site! Was wondering, when you put it in the glass jar without the beeswax what kind of consistency is it supposed to have, do you have to mix it every time you use it and how do you take it out? Thanks

    • It will be solid at room temperature, but soft enough to dip your fingers in. You shouldn’t have to mix it. If you room is warmer than about 75 C it will start to melt and get softer. I still use it that way in the summer and don’t have to mix it every time.

  136. It made two when I did it

  137. so did the cornstarch work?

  138. where do you find the arrowroot powder please

  139. I finally made this and have been using it for a while. A couple things…my oils for scent didn’t come through and I smell like beeswax. That’s not necessarily bad but I definately need more EO. Also, I find it pulls the hair from my arm pits. It doesn’t seem like it is too hard (I can easily push my fingernail into it) but I think I will try melting it down and adding some more coconut oil and shea butter. Hope it doesn’t melt! They tell me spring is coming but it is snowing outside as I type.

    • Ok, I melted down and added 1 oz of cocnut oil and 1 oz of cocoa butter (I did a double batch of the recipe posted). It made a big difference. Goes on much easier. I also added more essential oils and I can actually smell them this time around and the beeswax smell has lessened (I do wonder if I messed up the recipe with too much beeswax). It still is only in the low 60′s during the day but I don’t expect the warmer weather to melt them…I hope. It’s working great! Thanks for the recipe!

  140. Jennifer Smith says:

    We’re almost done with our first batch and this stuff really works. We found out that my husband is sensitive to baking soda when he got really red and itchy. He switched to Tom’s but the amount of BO was unbearable. Tom’s only lasted a few hours. He went back to this recipe and has dealt with the irritated pits for the time being. Is it possible to leave the baking soda out completely? Would I increase the arrowroot powder to compensate? How do you wash your used containers? Thanks!

    • Sorry to take so long to respond. I would cut down on the amount of baking soda first before eliminating it entirely. I think you will find that it wont work as well without baking soda. The baking soda is the deodorizer. Good luck!

  141. Corrine C. says:


    Would you mind sending me the original Deodorant recipe with the kaolin clay please?

    Thank you,


  142. Hi, I would like to know where you purchased your deodorant tubes from if you don’t mind sharing this info. Thanks

  143. Hi.. I don’t have cocoa butter can I use more coconut oil instead or leave it out..
    Will it change the consistency of the product or is it better to use cocoa butter..?
    I’ve made a paste before with cocoa butter but not sure with this weekend..


  144. Can I replace cocoa butter with more coconut oil? I don’t have it available wondering if I could get by not using it?

    Thanks Paul

  145. I'm wondering about something. I don't like any scents in my deodorant thus I've always bought unscented products. I really want to make this recipe but it calls for those scented essential oils. You mentioned those provide the anti bacterial properties thus I'm afraid to leave those out. Help. Any suggestions?

  146. Also, could Emulsifying Wax be used in place of bees wax (due to cost/price) or odds that just a totally different thing altogether?

    • They aren’t the same thing at all. You could replace it with paraffin wax if you wanted to but paraffin wax is petroleum based and I wouldn’t want to use that on my body. The small amount of beeswax used won’t cost much.

  147. My oldest daughter is allergic to cocoa butter, can I substitute something? If so, what do you reccomend?

  148. I just use coconut oil, baking soda, and arrowroot mix, no essential oils and have no problems.

  149. Natural food stores usually carry it near where the flours are. Bob's Red Mill brand has it, or I usually get it in the bulk section at my local New Leaf store. Hope this helps!

  150. Hi I was wondering if could replace cocoa butter with more coconut oil since I don’t have the butter at home?


  151. Yes I think that would be fine :)


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