Green Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1.  Wallets are a pretty standard, safe gifts for dads.  Bet he hasn’t got a wallet made in the USA from recycled innertubes!  Eco-Handbags is a Canadian online store offering eco-friendly, designer handbags and more.  This best-selling bi-fold wallet comes with 4 card pockets, a bill holder and funky, circular cut-outs.  This is a classic but eco-friendly gift for Dad.
2.  Gift Certificates that provide services rather than products are sure to be a hit.  Find a restaurant serving local food using Organic Highways.  How about a gift certificate for a massage at a spa that uses natural products?  A gift certificate for a game of golf?  These kind of gift certificates are low on packaging, support your local economy, and can be used up.
3.  Save a Tree Printing offers photobooks printed on recycled paper!  Gather up your favorite photos and create a unique, meaningful gift for Dad.  These books are printed in the USA.  A great eco-friendly choice!
4.  We already know that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Dad will love a homemade jar of cookies!  Use organic ingredients and you’ve got a healthier version of the perfect gift.  Ok so they aren’t exactly healthy, but they are delicious and preservative-free!  This gift is economical too. Tell me, WHAT MAN doesn’t like cookies?
5.  Have you got little ones who would love to help make a Father’s Day gift for Daddy?  How about a Pad For Dad?  This one can be made out of recycled paper and you’ll find some neat things to glue on the front in your own back yard or nearby forest!  The kids will love to help find the sticks and cut out the letters.  For more great kid-friendly Father’s Day gift ideas click here.
6.  A Wild Seafood Feast!  Hit up your local seafood store that carries wild, Ocean Wise seafood products such as sockeye salmon, albacore tuna, spot prawns, halibut and more!  Check out Wild Seafood Recipes for a great seafood recipe website.  Wild fish is heart-healthy, low in fat and sure to be a Father’s Day favorite. 
Happy Father’s Day!
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