Clean Water For Emergencies or Everyday: Berkey Water Filter and Emergency Food Kit Group Buy!

Eva filling water bottle watermarkedA few weeks ago we experienced a surprise wind storm that left half of electricity customers in our area without power.  We didn’t have power for days.  While my own family is well set up for short term power outages and other emergencies, I discovered a bit of panic in the online voices of unprepared families in the area.  Most of the concerns were “how do I keep the food in my fridge and freezer from spoiling” and “where can I find a gas station or grocery store that still has power?”  When the power came back on everyone resumed life as normal and didn’t put a second thought into the possibility of another storm in the future, or worse, a destructive earth quake or other huge natural disaster.

I am not a “doomsday prepper” by nature; I am a homesteader.  I grow and raise food for my family, and I preserve it for the winter. I value knowing where our food comes from, and what I am putting into my children.  The prepper side of my husband (well, isn’t there a little prepper in every male?) likes the stock pile of food that homesteading naturally creates.  But this doesn’t account for water.  Everyone should have a backup system or plan for water.  We see natural disasters occuring worldwide on a regular basis and the very basic need is water, followed closely by food, shelter and emergency first aid.  A water filtration system and a stash of preserved food is not just a “doomsday prepper crazy idea” but a realistic and logical action.

What would YOU do if you lost your power and water, if there was no safe way out of your area, and you had to stay put for a week, a month?  Would you survive?

Over the last few years I have teamed up with Dan from  Dan has an online store that can supply you with the basic survival foods and water systems you might need.  There are premium food buckets, ones for families, and even Gluten Free options!  There are Berkey water filter units for everyday or emergency use that remove bacteria, viruses and more from your water giving you safe drinking water from sources as dirty as pond or ditch water!  Berkey also has smaller travel units, and sport water bottles which allow you to quickly fill up your water bottle from any creek, while hiking.  (As my daughter is pictured doing, above).  There are whole home filter systems from Propur available that are created according to your needs, and even Propur water filtration straws that are perfect for your emergency supply kit! BUTTONS-02

Currently we have a group buy on until September 20Th.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the products from as part of the group buy which includes a discounted rate, please email me at for more information.  BUTTONS-07

Clean water means life!



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