A Day In The Life of A Homesteader: It’s Not About The Work.

A day in the life of a homesteader group seriesSo you want to homestead?  2 weeks ago when I was dealing with a mite infestation in the chicken coop, wearing a swim cap on my head, coveralls and rubber boots to keep the mites off me, during a heat wave, I would have told you to forget it.  Earlier that year when I sat down in a stall with a labouring goat and held the sticky, damp babies I would have told you it was the only way to live.  When the weeds get the best of me and my tomatoes get blight, when I lose an animal to sickness and the chickens scratch up my mother-in-law’s garden I will tell you it is crazy.  But when I feed my children food raised and grown by my own hand, when I see them learning about birth and death, when I watch them running barefoot all summer long and eating carrots from the ground I will tell you that even if it is crazy, it is a good crazy and it is worth every effort to achieve.

It’s about hard work.  It’s about victories and failures.  It’s about sunshine and rain.  It’s about life and death.  It’s about abundance and loss.  It’s homesteading.

Enjoy watching a day in my life!  Then see how the homesteaders pictured above, spend their day.


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