The Very Basics About Canning Safety Everyone Should Know!

Canning basics

Canning your own food, once a dying skill, is growing rapidly in popularity.  In Vancouver BC last year, the most popular course around was a canning course.  With the growing locavore movement, the higher cost of food, and concern about our food safety and health, a growing number of people want to know how to grow and/or preserve […]


Berkey Water Filtration System sale and we will match your purchase to donate to Flint!

Berkey sale

  How safe is your drinking water?  With the recent developments in Flint, Michigan, we should all be aware that our tap water might not be what we think it is. As the effects of the lead poisoning in Flint begin to be realized, with thousands of adults and children potentially suffering irreversible brain damage, it […]


5 Good Reasons You Should STart homesteadin now!

5 Good Reasons You Should Start Homesteading NOW!

So you want to homestead?  Welcome to the exciting, crazy, productive, and exhausting world of homesteading!  There is so much to think about and plan, it is hard to know where to start.  People approach me on a regular basis asking for advice on starting a homestead.  So here it is. When is the best time […]

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How to Make Vanilla Extract.  It’s So Easy!

I have pretty much given up on giving gifts to adults that can’t be eaten or used up.  This way, if it doesn’t match their décor, it doesn’t matter.  If it doesn’t look good on them, it doesn’t matter.  If they don’t read it, it doesn’t matter.  If it smells good, tastes good, and can be used up, most […]

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How to make butter in a blender!  Easy, quick and delicious.

Dairy products were “created” as a way to preserve milk without refrigeration many, many years ago.  I can picture the first person ever to domesticate a goat and use its milk.  Then, after realizing how amazing it tasted, discover that it would go bad after a few days. Somehow, after who knows how long, came the discovery of ways to […]

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Clean Water For Emergencies or Everyday: Berkey Water Filter and Emergency Food Kit Group Buy!

A few weeks ago we experienced a surprise wind storm that left half of electricity customers in our area without power.  We didn’t have power for days.  While my own family is well set up for short term power outages and other emergencies, I discovered a bit of panic in the online voices of unprepared […]

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A Day In The Life of A Homesteader: It’s Not About The Work.

So you want to homestead?  2 weeks ago when I was dealing with a mite infestation in the chicken coop, wearing a swim cap on my head, coveralls and rubber boots to keep the mites off me, during a heat wave, I would have told you to forget it.  Earlier that year when I sat […]

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DIY Mint Teas With Refreshing Recipes!

The following article is a guest post by a friend of mine, Kathie N. Lapcevic.  Welcome Kathie!  Kathie is a freelance writer, teacher, and blogger living in northwest Montana with her soulmate Jeff.  She lives a fiercely D.I.Y. lifestyle in harmony with the natural rhythms of nature.  You can follow her blog at Homespun Seasonal […]

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Dandelion Fritters watermarked

Dandelion Fritters and other great ways to use dandelions!

Dandelions are one of the first flowering plants to provide pollen for our honeybees.  We don’t pick them until our property is covered with the beautiful yellow jewels.  By then there are plenty for the bees and for us.  Many people think of the dandelions as ruthless weeds, but they actually are quite useful.  The […]

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Grow Your Own Popcorn!  The little things in life make the difference.

Last night we enjoyed a very special treat.  We shared a bowl of popcorn.  But it wasn’t just any old popcorn and we didn’t eat it with a casual disregard as most people eat popcorn.  We savored each piece and smiled.  This popcorn was extra special and extra sweet because we grew it ourselves! I […]

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